Performing the driving diagnosis North Hollywood drivers have trusted for years. What does a drivability diagnosis and service mean around North Hollywood? Quite frankly, a drivability diagnosis means the difference between a safe drive around L.A.’s freeways, or a hazardous stop on the broken down side of the road.

Is your Check Engine light on? ABS, BAS, ESP, HDC, SRS? Or do you see a light indicator that you have no idea what it’s for? With our diagnostic tools, we know where the problems lie and can help service those drivability issues before they become catastrophic. With dealer level diagnostic tools we can diagnose and repair your car or truck right the first time. After all, the whole point is to own a car that’s drivable, right?

We will be happy to diagnose and service your vehicle’s drivability at North Hollywood Auto Repair, and can handle any repair needed to have you back on the road oil change to a tune-up. Contact us today and schedule your next appointment with the professionals.