When was the last time you had fuel system services performed on your North Hollywood vehicle? Come to North Hollywood Auto Repair, where your car, truck or van gets fuel system service and star treatment, too.

Proper fuel system service is critical to long engine life and trouble-free operation. The fuel system’s job is to deliver fuel to the combustion chamber. In order for the vehicle to operate efficiently, the fuel must be clean. A clean fuel system is very important, and that is why regularly scheduled service for the carburetor, fuel injection components, and the overall fuel system is so critical.

Fuel filter replacement intervals vary from ­between 20,000 miles to 150,000 miles, to “lifetime” in some applications. Modern fuel quality is so good that many import manufacturers leave the replacement interval to the technicians’ discretion. When you visit North Hollywood Auto Repair for a regularly scheduled fuel filter replacement or fuel system service, we’ll let you know our recommendations for your vehicle and consult with you before we complete the services.

Contact us today for your next fuel system service, brake repair, oil change, or any other auto services. We will be happy to repair and service your vehicle’s fuel system at North Hollywood Auto Repair.