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"I love North Hollywood Auto Repair. They do everything right. The repairs and quick and done well and I am kept informed on everything. I keep coming back to these guys because I have never had a bad experience - they have all been great!"
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"Love you guys. Love your facility. Thank you. You look very busy but still take time to address concerns and give quality personalized care to both me and my vehicle. Thank you again..:)"
"Excellent as always. Nobody wants the same automotive nightmare twice...and North Hollywood Auto Repair is where we go to avoid that."
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"Once again I received prompt, courteous service at North Hollywood Auto Repair. It is the reason that I have been having my autos serviced for over seven years. I gladly recommend this shop to anyone needing auto service."
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Looking for timing belt replacement in North Hollywood, CA? North Hollywood Auto Repair is your one-stop shop in the Los Angeles region for all things related to your vehicles’ timing belt service.

Generally, the timing belt (or timing chain) is the sole component that keeps the camshaft and crankshaft in sync. Replacing the timing belt (a cogged reinforced-rubber belt) at regular service intervals — generally every 60,000 miles unless the automobile manufacturer specifies longer — is a lot less expensive and aggravating than having it break while the engine is running.

A broken timing belt usually means catastrophe for an interference engine, and major inconvenience for a non-interference engine. In an interference engine, the valves and piston share the same air space. They never touch, unless your timing belt breaks or skips, and this is a catastrophic failure that requires removing the head and replacing bent valves. Non-interference engines do not risk this contact if the timing belt goes. Nonetheless, either situation can leave you stranded, so regular timing belt service is very important.

We will be happy to replace and service your vehicle’s timing belt at North Hollywood Auto Repair. Schedule an appointment online, or call us at 818-769-2334 to book your timing belt replacement service, oil change, or other automotive services. North Hollywood Auto Repair is located at 5451 Tujunga Ave., in the North Hollywood section of Los Angeles, CA 91601. We are open every day but Sunday: M – F from 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

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Preventative maintenance is the key to reducing the long term costs of vehicle operation and improving dependability.  Simply stated, there is more involved to properly maintaining a vehicle than just changing the oil.  Below is a brief service guide from the Car Care Council to help with learning about preventative maintenance.

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