Is your auto’s electrical system in need of diagnosis and service, and are you located in the proximity of North Hollywood? If so, you will find that North Hollywood Auto Repair has the diagnostic equipment that can pinpoint your vehicle’s electrical system problems and determine what needs to be serviced and repaired.

Automotive electrical systems provide power for the lighting system, instrumentation, safety devices such as airbags, and many other accessories. Imagine your vehicle without an electrical system. The gasoline engine would not run. Electricity provides the needed spark for combustion, plus the power needed for starting.

If your car’s electrical system is not working perfectly, then its time for an electrical system repair. At North Hollywood Auto Repair, we use diagnostic scan tools that will pinpoint the many potential electrical system service issues within your vehicle. Once diagnosed, we will then repair the electrical system, restoring it to full power. Electrical repair is just some of the services we offer, if you vehicle needs any other repairs or services from an oil change to a brake repair we have you covered.

Conveniently located at 5451 Tujunga Avenue in North Hollywood, North Hollywood Auto Repair is just North of the Ventura Freeway (101) and Hollywood Freeway (170) junction. Contact us today and schedule your next appointment.